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Helping you build your business so you can go about the business of practicing law.

Vroom Consulting, LLC

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Vroom Consulting works to help professional service providers capture a greater share of the legal market by helping them communicate clear, consistent, and authentic brand messages.

Vroom Consulting was founded by an attorney who understands the unique pressures of practicing the law. Since most of their career is subject to strict time pressures, lawyers are especially sensitive to ensuring their time is spent efficiently. Litigators mortgage days if not months preparing for and conducting trials. Corporate lawyers work 24-hour days on end to usher a deal to closing.  Balanced against the pressures of substantive practice, lawyers must manage to simultaneously run a business. This means not only building and managing client relationships but also maintaining meaningful connections with other service professionals willing to refer clients.

The Legal Marketing Association ("LMA") reports that 43% of lawyers' number-one concern is "getting new clients while continuing to serve the ones [they] already have."  The realities of the legal practice, however, notoriously earmark insufficient time to business development efforts. Law schools do not train lawyers to manage the business of their practice.  At law firms, the billable hour remuneration structure leaves little room for the vital time required for growing and running a business. Energy expended on networking and professional relationship management may, therefore, take a back seat to billing. 

Vroom helps lawyers poised for partnership and newly elected partners direct and sustain their business development efforts amidst pressures to bill 1800+ hours a year, meet complex client demands, serve on firm committees, and have a bit of personal time. 

The same is true for other professions service providers.

We're that added resource helping you build your practice so you can go about the business of practicing. 




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We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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